2.7uF 100V Electrolytic Non-Polarized Crossover Capacitor

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2.7uF 100V Electrolytic Non-Polarized Crossover Capacitor


These high quality bi-polar (non-polarized) electrolytic capacitors are perfect for your next crossover design. They feature a 10% dissipation factor and are rated at 100V which are effective to approximately 200 watts.

Highlights :

  • 2.7 microfarad value
  • 10 mm diameter x 19 mm long
  • 10% dissipation factor and 100 VDC working voltage

Product Details:

2.7uF 100V Electrolytic Non-Polarized Crossover Capacitor
Electrolytic non-polarized (bi-polar) capacitors are perfect low-cost solutions for use in passive speaker crossovers. These capacitors feature axial leads, a 10% dissipation factor, and are rated at a 100 VDC working voltage which equates to approximately 200 watts power handling. Sold individually.
Specifications: • Rated: 100 VDC • Tolerance: 10% • Value: 2.7 uF • Dimensions: 10 mm Dia. x 19 mm L • Power handling: 200 watts RMS.


Capacitance: 2.7 µF
Voltage Rating: 100V
Tolerance: 10%
Termination Style: Axial

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