Allo - Isolator - V1.2

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Allo - Isolator - V1.2

Product Description:

Isolator HAT has been designed to isolate between an SBC and DAC, and it works on both master and slave DAC’s. By isolating your SBC board from the DAC board, using separate GND and Power supply lines, all possible noise and jitter coming from the source can be stopped and completely isolated prior to the DAC board!


  • Full galvanic isolator between SBC/DAC

  • Isolated I2S, I2C & GPIO

  • Sampling rate supported 44.1k to 192k 16/24/32

  • Low noise LDO and filters used for reducing the noise and ripple

  • Isolator 1.2 is compatible with KATANA and BOSS Master DACs

Support & Downloads

Isolator v1.2 Tech Manual File Please Click Here.

Configuring Allo Audio Cards for Raspberry Pi Please Click Here.

DC Jack Connector Inner / Outer Dimensions Please Click Here.

Katana + Isolator v1.2 Default Power Source Settings Please Click Here.

Contact Allo India support:

Need support/help before purchasing? Or if you have any questions regarding their product(s), please Click Here to get telephonic, live or email support from allo India.

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