Bevenbi - MKPA - C- 0.56UF 250V metallized polypropylene film capacitor

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Bevenbi - MKPA - C- 0.56UF 250V metallized polypropylene film capacitor


Make the Bevenbi Audio line of metallized polypropylene capacitors your standard choice for all of your loudspeaker projects! The same high quality as the competing brands ... but at a much lower price. They are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Product Description :

MKPA-C axial metallized polypropylene film capacitor is made of vacuum aluminum plated polypropylene film as the combination of dielectric and electrode. The electrode is led out by tinned copper wire and filled with 94V-0 epoxy resin. This kind of product has self recovery property. The feature of this product is that the metallized aluminum coating (about 0.03 μ m) is very thin. In case of instantaneous high current impact or fault, the metal coating in the short-circuit current area will evaporate, forming the insulation area in time, so that the capacitance function can be kept intact (recovered). Polypropylene dielectric (PPT) capacitors are suitable for high frequency, filtering, coupling, decoupling and bypass circuits. In addition, it is also used in common power supply, inverter power supply and industrial control equipment.

Product characteristics :

  • 250 VDC
  • 5% tolerance
  • High purity
  • High current capacity
  • Self-healing
  • Tinned copper wire

Typical application:

  • ‚ÄčGeneral DC Applications
  • Wave filtering
  • Bypass
  • Coupling and decoupling
  • High end Crossover

Datasheet: Click Here



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