DAC - 1.0mh - Air Core Inductor Crossover Coil - 16 AWG

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DAC - 1.0mh - Air Core Inductor Crossover Coil - 16 AWG



The DAC air core inductors are precision wound with high-purity copper wire to a ± 2% tolerance. A special varnishing process bonds the wires throughout the inductor, eliminating the possibility of FM distortion. The perfect layer air core construction improves heat dissipation while eliminating hysteresis and any type of saturation distortion. All the inductors have been manufactured with a very tight tolerance so as to avoid worry about matched pairs. Proudly Made in INDIA!



Inductor Type

Air Core


± 2%


1.0 mH

Wire gauge

16 AWG

DC resistance

0.27 Ohms

Dimensions (Approx.)

25 mm H x 25 mm D

Power handling

300 Watts RMS



  • No saturation distortion due to air-core design. Inductors contain no magnetic materials.
  • Optimum winding tension and high dimensional stability.
  • Tight tolereance of 2%.
  • High power handling and extreme precision.
  • Almost perfectly pure copper coil.
  • Superb product consistency for more accurate filter performance.
  • Amazing musicality and soundstage.



  • Passive crossover circuit
  • Zobel Network ciruit
  • Baffle step compensation circuit



  1. Inductor value in mH
  2. Wire gauge in AWG
  3. Core type (Air, Ferrite)
  4. Quantity

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