DAC - Aluminum Knob 50*18 - F- ASH

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DAC - Aluminum Knob 50*18 - F- ASH


This is a Potentiometer Knob/Volume Control Amplifier Knob made of Plastic+Aluminium Alloy which is rugged and very good looking. The dimension of the knob is 30 (Dia) x 16 mm with a 6mm shaft. The knob can be added to a potentiometer handle and is great for users to adjust and use a potentiometer. Improves the  look and feel compared to traditional handles and knobs and offers professional finish once mounted. 

These Button Mould knobs can be used to control the volume of a  stereo or to control the speed of a motor.


  • Type: Plastic + Aluminium Alloy
  • Colour:  Ash
  • Knob Diameter : 50mm
  • Height: 18mm
  • Suitable for potentiometers with a 6mm handle with knurled shaft


  • Volume Controller
  • Speed Controller

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