DAC - Speaker Grill Guide -DJ-0112

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DAC - Speaker Grill Guide -DJ-0112


 Contemporary press-fit grill guides for attaching grills to cabinets offers gentle friction-based holding power. This means that even if the guide is not inserted all the way, it will still hold your grill in place. To use, simply drill the appropriate size holes in cabinet and grill frame. Both portions press-fit into their appropriate holes.

Technical Specifications:

  • Colour: Black 
  • Material: PA 6 (Nylon 6) & EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate)


  • Easily mounts speaker grills to cabinets
  • Great quality
  • Provide a secure fit between speaker and grill
  • Easy to install


  • These are perfect for DIY speaker building projects
  • Replace broken speaker grill pegs on existing speakers.
  • Use for entertainment center grill panels
  • Perfect for speaker repair or custom designs
  • You even can use these fasteners for attaching screen, drawing or other lightweight objects to cabinet



  • You'd better remove all original female sockets from speaker because they might do not match the new pin side and swap with less friction.
  • Contains 1 x peg and 1 x socket

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