Dayton Audio EX2HMP-5 IMS™ Exciter Interchangeable Mounting Disc 5-Pack

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Dayton Audio EX2HMP-5 IMS™ Exciter Interchangeable Mounting Disc 5-Pack

Quick Overview :

Take your product or project to the next level by turning it into a speaker! The EX2HMP is part of an exclusive IMS™ interchangeable mounting system from Dayton Audio, compatible with all IMS™ exciters from Dayton Audio!

Product Highlights:

  • Exclusive IMS™ interchangeable mounting system
  • Compatible with all IMS™ Dayton Audio's exciters
  • Screw-on 2-hole mount with Pre-applied 3M VHB™ adhesive for a quick, secure installation

Product Description:

Surface exciter technology provides a universal, cost-effective alternative to loudspeakers, allowing for sound reproduction virtually anywhere it is desired. Issues such as weather, space constraints, vandalism or visibility can be avoided or minimized with the use of a sound exciter. Dayton Audio IMS™ Interchangeable Mount exciters may be used in a host of DIY executions to easily add sound to an existing non-audio specific project or create a portable speaker system, the unique mounting system allows you to try out the assortment of exciters offered by Dayton Audio!

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