Dayton Audio - MK402 - 4" 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker Pair

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Dayton Audio - MK402 - 4" 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker Pair


The MK402 speakers offer incredible sound quality in an almost unbelievable size. The drivers used in this design play a large role in this small speaker. The 4" woofer is easily able to play to 60 Hz and still play into the vocal range impressively. The 3/4" tweeter is capable of producing effortless high frequencies with a wide dispersion. These two drivers, paired with our simple yet effective crossover, create a soundstage that is sure to awe even the harshest of critics.

Product Highlights:

  • 4" treated paper woofer optimized for low-frequency extension

  • 3/4" tweeter offers a very airy top end to create a beautiful ambiance

  • The impressive dispersion of this speaker allows it to be used in many configurations in a room without deteriorated sound quality

  • The 4 ohm impedance allows a wide variety of amplifiers to used

  • Attractive textured, black vinyl finish that stands out

Product Description:

Elegance and sophistication are characteristics that are typically sought after in a ballroom dancer or an expensive meal at the French restaurant downtown. However, this is also the best way to describe the MK402. This simple 2-way speaker featuring a 4" woofer and a 3/4" tweeter will make many rethink their concept of a budget speaker system.

Product Specifications:

  • Design                       : 2-way vented bookshelf

  • Woofer                       : 4" high excursion driver with a treated paper cone

  • Tweeter                      : 3/4" soft dome

  • Finish                         : Black vinyl

  • Power handling          : 40W RMS/80W max

  • Impedance                 : 4 ohms

  • Frequency response  : 60 Hz to 20,000 Hz

  • Sensitivity                   : 84 dB 1W/1m

  • Crossover                   : 2.5 kHz, 2nd order low pass, 3rd order high pass (acoustical slopes)

  • Terminals                    : 5-way gold plated binding posts

  • Port tuning                  : 50 Hz

  • Dimensions                 : 9-1/2" H x 5-3/4" W x 6-5/8" D*
                                         Depth includes removeable grill

  • Input Rating                : 4 ohm

  • Woofer Diameter        : 4"

  • Configuration              : 2-way

  • Color                           : Black


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