Dayton Audio - MK442 - Dual 4" 2-Way Center Channel Speaker

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Dayton Audio - MK442 - Dual 4" 2-Way Center Channel Speaker



The impressive sound quality offered by the Dayton Audio MK442 center channel speaker is awe-inspiring. The MK442 is designed to complement the Dayton Audio MK402 bookshelf speakers in a multichannel home theater system. It is able to reproduce frequencies as low as 60 Hz, and offers a natural sound with excellent sonic detail. The 3/4" soft dome tweeter paired with two 4" treated-paper cone woofers is a pairing made in audio heaven.


Product Highlights:

  • 4" treated paper woofers optimized for low-frequency extension

  • 3/4" tweeter offers a very airy top end to create a beautiful ambiance

  • Attractive textured black vinyl finish that stands out

  • Wide dispersion for impressive room-filling sound


Product Description:

The aesthetic appeal of the MK442 is unquestionable and the same can be said for its ability to provide the listener with fantastic sound quality. You are sure to be impressed with the performance of the MK442, along with its price.


The Centerpiece of Your Home Theater​:


The MK442 features an attractive textured black vinyl finish that stands out at first glance. The cabinet offers a unique geometric design for the baffle that sets it apart from much more basic speakers in its price range. The grill is removable and made with a high-quality black cloth that discretely obscures the most appealing features of this design, the drivers.


Elegant 3/4" Silk Dome Tweeter:



The 3/4" tweeter is elegant with a very airy top-end that can be appreciated by anybody that enjoys the delicate side of music that is often left behind by most speakers. The dispersion from this tweeter provides a life-like ambiance that truly sets a scene in a movie.   


Impressive Low Frequency Extension From a Pair of 4" Woofers:



The woofers used in the MK442 are able to play down to 60 Hz with ease. A 4" woofer playing low frequencies would normally limit the upper frequency range, which is not the case here. The woofers play through a large portion of the vocal range, adding coherency and smoothness to voices.


Use Two Together in an Upright Position:

“…an LCR speaker that can be used as easily as a center channel speaker as front left/right channel speakers. The MK442 has a nicely balanced tonality, very good bass extension for the size and price, good power handling, with a benign electrical load…The Dayton Audio MK442s prove that the entry fee into good sound doesn't have to cost a small fortune.”


 –, 2018 Product of the Year: Budget Bookshelf Speaker


Product Specifications:

Port tuning

57 Hz


4" treated-paper cone with 4-layer voice coil


3/4" soft dome with ferrofluid cooling


Black ebony pica

Power handling

80 watts RMS/160 watts max


4 ohms

Frequency response

60 Hz to 20,000 Hz


86 dB 1W/1m


Third order high-pass; second order low-pass


5-way binding posts


5.75" H x 14.94" W x 6.6" D*

Input Rating

4 ohm

Woofer Diameter



2-way (MTM)




Product Video:




Dayton Audio MK442 User Manual, Please Click here.

Dayton Audio Manufacturer WarrantyPlease Click here.

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