Dayton Audio - MK442T - 4" 2-Way Transmission Line Tower Speaker Pair

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Dayton Audio - MK442T - 4" 2-Way Transmission Line Tower Speaker Pair



Enjoy great bass while taking up minimal space. The Dayton Audio MK442T transmission line tower speaker raises the bar in the budget speaker arena. The MK442T tower speakers take advantage of quarter wave enclosure tuning to accomplish bass extension unheard of in this price range and form factor. With clean extended bass, full rich midrange, and smooth articulate high frequency response, the MK442Ts create a soundstage that is sure to impress.


Product Highlights:

  • Transmission line enclosure allows for high fidelity low frequency response

  • Pair with MK402 bookshelf and MK442 center channel speakers for a timbre matched home theater system

  • Impressive dispersion of this speaker allows it to be used in many configurations without deteriorated sound quality

  • Attractive textured, black vinyl finish that stands out

  • 4 ohm impedance is compatible with most receivers and amplifiers


Product Description:

The Dayton Audio MK442Ts continue the motif of elegance and sophistication. All while sticking to the budget friendly sensibility that makes Dayton Audio a true value. This attractive 2-way speaker featuring dual 4" woofers and a 3/4" tweeter all packed into precision engineered transmission line enclosures will make many rethink their concept of what a budget speaker system is capable of. Great for music reproduction or even creating a complete timbre matched home theater setup; just add a pair of MK402 bookshelf speakers, an MK442 center channel and a powered subwoofer like our SUB-1500.


Superior Sound Through Engineering:

The MK442Ts utilize a quarter wave transmission line enclosure. This proven loudspeaker technology makes it possible to produce deep articulate bass with smaller drivers and lower profile enclosures. Compared to a traditional bass reflex cabinet a transmission line is able to produce lower bass without the worry of port resonance and turbulence. This means better bass, lower distortion and a smaller footprint.



Beauty More than Skin Deep:

The MK442Ts feature an attractive textured, black vinyl finish that stands out at first glance. The cabinet offers a unique geometric design that offers aesthetics not commonly found in this price range. The grill is removable and made with a high-quality black cloth that discretely obscures the most appealing features of this design, the drivers.


Elegant 3/4" Silk Dome Tweeter:

The 3/4" tweeter offers superior off axis response which helps create a large, engaging soundstage. The low mass diaphragm offers an exceptionally flat frequency response. This along with the low distortion neodymium motor system ensures that high frequency content is reproduced as transparently as possible.



Impressive Low Frequency Extension from a 4" Woofer:

The MK442Ts use the same 4" treated paper cone woofer as the critically acclaimed MK402 and award winning MK442 speakers. This 4" treated paper cone woofer boasts a 1" diameter 4-layer voice coil offering improved power handling and low frequency response. An extended pole piece creates symmetrical magnetic field for lower distortion. The large rubber surround allows for high excursion, all this equates to focused and accurate mid frequencies and impressive low end bass extension.



More Than Just a Capacitor:

The crossover featured in the MK442T utilizes a 3 kHz, 2nd order low pass and a 3rd order high pass section. The board is then affixed to the rear of the recessed terminal cup which features a pair of 5-way gold-plated binding posts. The crossover was designed and optimized to deliver the smoothest, flattest frequency response possible.

                                                                 Product Specifications:


2-way dual 4" transmission line tower speaker


Dual 4" high excursion driver with a treated paper cone


3/4" soft dome


Black Vinyl

Power handling

80 watts RMS/160 watts max


4 ohms

Frequency response

40 Hz to 20,000 Hz


87 dB 1W/1m


3 kHz, 2nd order low pass, 3rd order high pass (acoustical slopes)


5-way gold plated binding posts


38.1" H x 5.7" W x 9.6" D (depth includes removable grill); Base plate: 8" x 12"

Input Rating

4 ohm

Woofer Diameter







Dayton Audio MK442T Manual, Please Click here.

Dayton Audio Manufacturer WarrantyPlease Click here.

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