Dayton Audio - OmniMic V2 Precision Measurement System

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Dayton Audio - OmniMic V2 Precision Measurement System

Quick Overview:

Dayton Audio's OmniMic V2 is a must-have omnidirectional acoustic measurement system for audio system integrators, acoustic engineers, and residential A/V installers. The OmniMic V2's new hardware provides fast, comprehensive, and accurate audio measurements.

Product Videos:

Watch an overview of the OmniMic V2 and learn about how its wide array of measurements can help you perfect your sound systems.


Latest software version:


The latest software version is: VERSION 5.2. Click Here To Download

Please note: Omnimic software will not work with other measurement microphones. Omnimic software is "married" to the serialized calibrated Omnimic hardware. Software download is for Omnimic users that have lost or need to upgrade their software to the latest version. Should you have any questions or installation issues please contact Dayton Audio support or your place of purchase.

Product Highlights:

  • Updated software and improved hardware
  • Compact, portable, accurate, affordable
  • Intuitive software—open the box, start testing in minutes
  • Perfect for setting up home theater systems
  • Optimized for use with netbooks and laptops
  • Accurate response down to 5 Hz, fully calibrated, includes FRD file
  • For professionals and hobbyists—design and tune speaker systems and arrays

Product Description:

Dayton Audio's OmniMic V2 was developed in collaboration with Liberty Instruments, inventors of the Praxis analysis tool. Powerful, versatile, yet easy to use, the OmniMic V2 Precision Measurement System will become an indispensible part of your audio toolbox—whether for testing individual speaker components or entire in-place audio systems of every description. The OmniMic V2 provides quick and accurate measurements that will reduce installation time, saving you both labor and money.

The OmniMic V2's test signals may be initiated from the host computer, or from any audio CD player. System includes calibrated USB microphone, rubberized mic clip, software and test signal discs, 6 ft. USB 2.0 cable, desktop tripod stand, and carrying case. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Note:Windows 8 users

Windows 8 has a USB recording bug. To get around this issue and use the OmniMic on a machine using Windows 8, please perform the following:

Find the OmniMic icon, Start Menu entries, etc., that you use to start the OmniMic software. Instead of left-clicking the icon, right-click and then left-click on the "Properties" menu item. A "Properties" window should open. Select the compatibility tab and find a checkbox labeled "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" There is a drop-down box just below the checkbox, set that to "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)". Then put a check in the checkbox and click "Ok" to close the properties windows.


Now whenever you start OmniMic using that icon (or menu item), it will run in the XP mode that avoids the Windows 8 USB recording bug.

Check out this OmniMic V2 review!

Voice Coil Review - July 2013

OmniMic V2 Measurements:

  • SPL meter with A, B, C, or no weighting
  • Spectrum analyzer, FFT, or RTA
  • Frequency response with phase and impulse response
  • Oscilloscope function to view complex waveforms
  • Harmonic distortion: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th harmonics plus THD
  • RT60 reverberation: measures sound reflection
  • Bass decay function identifies room modes and helps determine proper subwoofer placement
  • Polar Plotting, in flat or 3D radar format
  • Wavelet Spectrogram (color) to the Waterfall group
  • Curve Math for live or added curves
  • Auto-naming of repeated FRD measurements; updated
  • Snapshots to PNG, BMP, JPG or WMF formats
  • Measurement down to 5 Hz
  • Energy-Time Curves, with configurable band limiting
  • Supports new file-based microphone calibration
  • Expanded Help Files
  • Printer selection

OmniMic V2 Calibration File Look Up

Have your OmniMic V2 custom calibrated instantly

Enter the NUMERIC serial number found on the base of your calibrated OmniMic. After entering the serial number, your unique calibration .omm file will be available for you to download.

International Users: Please note that the language setting in your Windows operating system must be set to “English” to open a *.omm calibration file for your OmniMic hardware within the OmniMic software. We are working to correct this known issue in a future software release.

PLEASE NOTE: If you own an original OmniMic you qualify for a free calibration. Follow the instructions below to have your microphone calibrated.

Send your OmniMic to:
Dayton Audio Attn: Calibration Department, 705 Pleasant Valley Drive, Springboro, Ohio 45066

Upon receipt of your original OmniMic, you will be informed via email when it has been calibrated and on its way back to you. Please include your name, shipping address, daytime phone number, and email address with your OmniMic. Please allow 7-10 days for calibration and return shipping. Calibration and return shipping are at no charge.


OmniMic Audio V2 Test Tracks

Once you have downloaded the .ZIP file, unzip the file and burn the audio tracks to a CD using your favorite CD burning software.

 Download the file

This download includes 19 tracks.

Download Datasheet, Manual, Please on the links below:

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