Eight Audio - EASC05 - Compact Active Low Pass Subwoofer Filter

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Eight Audio - EASC05 - Compact Active Low Pass Sub-Woofer Filter


Eight Audio EASC05 is Designed using Low-Power JFET-Input Operational Amplifiers for best possible quality. You may connect this Active Low-pass Filter Or Subwoofer Crossover to any amplifier board to make up the Sub-woofer Amplifier. An input buffer provides phase switching and ensures that the input impedance of the source does not affect the filter performance, and this is now followed by a 12dB/octave Low pass filter. The phase reversal switch is used so that the sub can be properly phased to the rest of the system. Audio grade Nichicon Bipolar capacitors are used to gain the perfect timber.

Technical Specifications:

Manufacturer Eight Audio
Adjustable Frequency 40 Hz to 180Hz
Slop 12 db
Phase 0/180°
Slew Rate 13V/μs
Power supply +/- 15 VDC
Dimensions 55mm X 25mm


  • Well-designed circuit
  • Low-Power JFET-Input Operational Amplifiers
  • Compact design using SMD Components
  • Pre-assembled, pre-tested
  • Built-in terminals for input/output/power supply
  • Stereo input/ Mono Sub out


  • Plate Amplifier Build
  • Active Sub-woofer Amplifier

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