HIVI DM-7500 Mid-range Driver

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HIVI DM-7500 Mid-range Driver




Swans DM-7500 75mm silk-film midrange speaker: new low-distortion, resonant structure, special damping coating  diaphragm.The sound quality is natural, accurate and transparent. The high-power aluminum frame voice coil is matched with copper-clad aluminum winding to increase the power output. The phase-guided resonance structure reduces the Q value of the resonance peak of the unit, reduces distortion, and extends the low-frequency response range. HiVi's unique dual-magnet fully symmetrical magnetic circuit system (SMD) has a low-distortion phase guiding resonant structure, high sensitivity, and further reduces distortion.  

Due to the unit's excellent performance indicators, wide acoustic frequency characteristics, and natural, full and transparent sound quality characteristics, the unit is more versatile. Suitable for all kinds of Hi-end professional recording monitor speakers, advanced AV home theater system and the three-way speaker system.


HIVI DM-7500 Specifications:



Basic application parameters

Rated impedanceZ

Resonant frequencyFs


rated powerPnom


Maximum powerPmax


Sensitivity (2.83V/1m)E






Voice coil

Voice coil diameterØ


DC ResistanceRe


Voice coil wire

High temperature copper clad aluminum wire

voice coil bobbin

High temperature  Aluminum


Magnetic circuit

Magnetic circuit type

Magnetic circuit type

Magnet material

Magnet material High performance NdFeB



Recommended crossover point



Product Manuals / Spec Sheets / Downloads:Please click here

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