HIVI VR Series Ceiling Driver VR6-SC - Pair

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HIVI VR Series Ceiling Driver VR6-SC - Pair



Naturally accurate, highly analytical, full of vitality and dynamic It is suitable for the low frequency unit in the Hi-Fi two-way phase inverted speaker system and the midrange unit in the three-way system. 




1. Humanized design, easy to install and use;

2. Flame-retardant high-strength, high-adaptability engineering plastics, waterproof and not easy to change color;

3. The VR series adopts high-strength mica carbonized polypropylene diaphragm, high-strength Nomex sandwich honeycomb diaphragm, and fatigue-resistant rubber ring; waterproof and moisture-proof, beautiful and with unimaginable clear language performance;

4. Adhering to the optimized design of Swans parameters, compared with similar products, the bass is more prominent;

5. The tweeter adopts natural silk diaphragm, which is cooled by magnetic fluid for aerospace, and has strong power bearing capacity;

6. All-aluminum alloy surface mesh, no rust, gold-plated all-copper terminals, providing excellent reliability;

7. The flat frequency response curve, the sound performance is detached and refined, and the balance is good;

8. The new single-speaker stereo design provides support for stereo in small spaces;

9. The new opening template design is simple and accurate to install; the spray painting template design is easy to integrate with the use environment.


Scope of application:

1. Supermarkets, shopping malls, waiting rooms, hotels and other public places.

2. Establish an in-wall home theater system that is completely integrated with the home.

3. Small multi-room meeting, office, business and other places.


Product Size - VR6-SC

Resonance Frequency


Frequency Range




Suggest Power


Bore Size


Rated Impedence



Product Manuals / Spec Sheets / Downloads:Please click here

Note: The price is for a Pair

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