MBGO-2 300V 1.0uf Paper and Aluminum Foil Capacitor

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Brand:  Dayton Audio
Product Code:  MBGO-2-1MFD300V
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MBGO-2 - 300V 1.0uf Paper and Aluminium Foil By-Pass Capacitor


MBGO-2 is a military grade capacitor with aluminum foil insulated by waxed paper, featuring 10% tolerance guaranteed over wide temperature range. Excellent choice for audiophile design purposes to achieve good sound spectrum.

Product Specifications:

Type: Film and Foil
Capacitance: 1.00 uF
Voltage Rating: 300V
Tolerance: 10%


  • Power Amplifier
  • Pre Amplifier
  • Tube Amplifier / Pre Amplifiers
  • General Purpose Electronics

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