MarkAudio Pluvia 11 Gold (6.5-inch driver)

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MarkAudio Pluvia 11 Gold (6.5-inch driver)

Product Description:

The Pluvia 11 is a completely new driver design. It is the first “full range” driver that can handle bass loads typically delivered by 5.5 inch to 6.5 inch mid-bass units used in most 2 way systems.

The Pluvia 11 cone is an entirely new design from Mark Fenlon. It uses a new super-strength aerospace grade alloy designed to cope with high bending stress loads. The material thickness is increased be 50% over previous Markaudio designs, yet the profile remains shallow to increase dispersion. Two more processes have been added to the Multiform cone production sequence to increase Pluvia 11’s operational low frequency load capacity.

The all-new front suspension has a variable thickness geometry, increasing oscillatory stability by 30% over previous designs. The rear suspension (spider) has an operational surface area 25% larger than the Alpair 10 to cope with load demands of typical mid-bass units. However, the Pluvia 11’s high range has not been sacrificed. It outperforms the smaller Alpair 10 by reaching slightly higher frequencies with an improved spread on the high range lift above 10kHz. Other design advances include the new “easy install” frame. This new-technology one-piece moulding utilises a GF30 glass fibre and resin mix. Pluvia 11’s frame is more rigid than previous designs, with a mounting depth of only 4.5mm, making both recessed and surface-mounting simple. Two new cone colours add visual interest. Along with the Pluvia 7, this new family of drivers will serve custom builders well into the future.

For the first time in the history of traditional full-range driver design, users now have a genuine choice to go full-range without sacrificing bass handling, or use it as a wide-range mid-bass driver that allows simple filtering.

The new Pluvia Eleven is an excellent high-end and multi-purpose driver. Its also suitable for many computer, Home Theatre, TV, and commercial A/V applications.


  • Unique 5 3/4in soft chrome or antique gold magnesium alloy cone
  • Wide operating range to 20KHz –gentle high frequency lift for superior off-axis performance
  • Shallow multiform cone profile –broad directivity pattern
  • Advanced low-distortion motor design
  • Long-stroke suspension with arrestor and progressive-rate spider
  • Low-profile surface-mount reinforced polymer basket


  • RE       5.4 Ohms
  • FS        39.118
  • SD       109.359 cm²
  • VAS     24.751 ltr
  • CMS    1.457m M/N
  • MMD    10.7 m Kg
  • MMS    11.358 g
  • BL        6.556 TM
  • QMS    1.797
  • QES     .351
  • QTS     .293
  • LE        68.550 uH
  • SPL      88.131 dB
  • X MAX  7mm 1 way
  • POWER (NOMINAL)     45 Watts
  • POWER (MAXIMUM)    90 Watts

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