Parts Express - 091-330 - Banana Plug Pair Compression Type

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Parts Express - 091-330 - Banana Plug Pair Compression Type


Very high quality gold banana plug set. Knurled barrel and compression nut with floating "slug". The floating "slug" allows tight wire compression without the twisting effect on the wire strands that other compression connectors have. Side-entry accepts up to 10 gauge wire while the rear-entry accepts up to 12 gauge wire. Also accepts rear-entry banana plugs for stacking. Overall dimensions: 1-7/8" L x 7/16" W. Sold in pairs: 1-red and 1-black per package.


Side entry cable installation: Loosen rear compression screw in counter clockwise fashion to expose side opening on banana plug. Remove approximately 5/16" of insulation from speaker cable. Insert exposed wire (up to 10 AWG) into side opening. Tighten rear compression screw to secure wire. Rear entry cable installation: Remove rear compression screw and compression slug from banana plug. Remove approximately 1/4" of insulation from speaker cable. Insert speaker cable into rear compression screw. Fan wire (up to 12 AWG) and fold conductors over the rear compression screw. Ensure that conductors do not interfere with rear compression screw threads. Insert compression slug first into the banana plug. Install rear compression screw securing cable to banana plug.

Product Specifications:

  • Style / Type       :Single
  • Contact Plating  :Gold

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