Peerless - DFL-2525R00-08 - 1 Titanium Dome Compression Driver 8 Ohm

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Peerless - DFL-2525R00-08 - 1 Titanium Dome Compression Driver 8 Ohm


The compact but powerful DFL-2525R00-08 from Peerless uses a pure titanium diaphragm to provide minimal distortion and resonance which results in a high output compression driver capable of smooth response and natural sound.

Product Highlights:

  • Pure titanium diaphragm provides natural damping for smooth response

  • 1″ throat with 2/4-bolt mount for use on many popular horns

  • Compact design and light weight is ideal for portable speaker designs

  • Smooth response from 3,000 Hz up to 17,000 Hz

Product Description:

The Peerless DFL-2525R00-08 1″ exit compression driver is a cost effective solution for use in professional sound reinforcement systems. The pure titanium diaphragm ensures solid and controlled output up to the highest frequencies. Peerless studied and refined the phase plug extensively to optimize the HF level while ensuring a wide, smooth response characteristic. The use of high quality Ferrofluid combined with extensive diaphragm refinement has resulted in an extremely reliable transducer.

Product Specifications:                                  

  • Power Handling (RMS)                 : 25 watts                                                     

  • Impedance                                    : 8 ohms                                                                                                   

  • Mounting Type                               : 2-Bolt

  • Exit Diameter                                 : 1"

  • Diaphragm Material                        : Titanium     

Product Manuals / Spec Sheets / Downloads:

To download datasheet, Please click Here.

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