Peerless by Tymphany - DFM-2544R00-08 - 1 Compression DFM Driver 8 Ohm

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Peerless by Tymphany - DFM-2544R00-08 - 1 Compression DFM Driver 8 Ohm


The Peerless DFM-2544R00-08 1″ exit 8 ohm compression driver features a titanium diaphragm with a unique coating for minimal dome resonance. This driver will deliver natural, accurate high frequency response for wide-range audio performance.

Product Highlights:

  • 1″ throat with 2/3-bolt mount for use with many popular horns

  • Damped titanium diaphragm provides smooth and detailed response

  • Suitable for use with crossovers as low as 1,500 Hz

  • Ideal for use in high output 2-way and 3-way designs

Product Description:

The Peerless DFM-2544R00-08 1″ exit compression driver with 1-3/4″ diaphragm is for use in high fidelity professional sound reinforcement systems. Peerless designed the magnet system for high sensitivity while keeping the weight and cost to a minimum. The 3-slot phasing plug and aluminum voice coil give improved HF response with minimal compression. The titanium diaphragm is coated with a light, thin layer of unique damping material that results in a smoother sound, especially when driven hard. All of the materials resist environmental factor of heat, vibration and aging ensuring many years of stable performance.

Product Specifications:                                  

  • Power Handling (RMS)                 : 60 watts RMS/120 watts program (with recommended 1,500 Hz, 12 dB/octave crossover)                           

  • Fs                                                  : 784                                

  • Impedance                                    : 8 ohms                                                    

  • VCdia                                            : 1.5"                         

  • Throat diameter                             : 1"                                    

  • Frequency response                      : 1,500-20,000 Hz

  • SPL                                                : 105.34 dB 2.83V/1m

  • Overall diameter                            : 4.5"

  • Depth                                             : 2.375"

  • Mounting Type                               : 2-Bolt/3-Bolt

  • Exit Diameter                                 : 1"

  • Diaphragm Material                        : Titanium     

Product Manuals / Spec Sheets / Downloads:

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