Tubelab - SSE Power Amplifier - PCB

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The Tubelab SSE (Simple Singe-Ended) Power Amplifier - PCB


The Tubelab SSE board is used to make a simplified SE amplifier that uses indirectly heated tubes like the 6L6GC, EL34, KT88 and 6550. This board is used to construct amplifiers from a basic low cost design to a high end triode mode amplifier. Most amplifiers are expected to cost between $300 and $700 USD, although you could spend less if you have some parts (transformers and tubes), and it is always possible to spend more in this hobby. The choice of output tubes are all pentodes, which can be operated in Triode mode, Ultralinear, and Pentode mode. This can be switch selectable from the amplifiers front panel. The output tubes operate in cathode bias mode, requiring no adjustments.

External connections to the PC board are made through the screw terminals. The PC board was designed to be assembled by people of all skill levels. The assembly instructions are written with this in mind. There are photographs of every step from the start to final amplifier construction. 

Useful Links:

Tubelab SSE Design

Assembly Manual


Wiring Diagrams


  • High quality dual layer PCB
  • Gold Plated pads
  • Built in PSU with option for tube and solid state rectifier
  • Option to switch between Triode and Ultralinear modes
  • PCB Size: 189mm x 134mm
  • PCB Thickness: 2mm


  • Best for high sensitive full range speaker's
  • Hi-Fi Stereo amplifier

Usage notes:

  1. This is only PCB and hence only users who are well versed in electrical/audio field should buy the product. It’s not a responsibility of the seller for any accidents/hazards arising out of improper /inexperienced usage.
  2. Single PCB is enough to build stereo amplifier.
  3. Connections are clearly marked on PCB and also in image. Do not interchange the wiring connections.
  4. Always use a Mains Bulb Tester (MBT) before powering on for the first time.
  5. Do not touch any part of the circuit unless the AC mains are unplugged and PSU is completely discharged.
  6. Never operate the amplifier without connecting speaker (load) to the output transformer.
  7. Please read the safety instructions here first before start assembling.
  8. Accidental contact with an energized circuit of this nature would likely be instantly lethal.
  9. Please contact us for components required to popuplate the PCB.

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