Hook Up Wire 1 Core 23 AWG - Green

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Hook Up Wire 1 Core 23 AWG - Green


23 AWG Single Core hook-up wire. Ideal for the internal wiring of speaker cabinets, crossovers, amplifiers, etc. Insulation is available in a wide variety of colors. 

Product Specification:

  • Wire Gauge: 23 AWG
  • Core: 1
  • Color: Green


  • Tinned copper conductors. 
  • Color-coded insulation for easy circuit identification
  • Excellent uniformity and low-fray design for easy handling, stripping, and termination


  • Measurement unit: Meter. ie; 1QTY = 1Meter.
  • Please note that if you *do* manage to burn wire, the fume are hazardous - stay in a well ventilated location.

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