Digital Signal Processors (DSP)

Digital Signal Processors (DSP)
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Allo -  GPIO hammer in KIT
Allo -  GPIO hammer in KIT Overview:  Sturdy 5mm acrylic support jig, stainless stee..
Ex Tax: 447.00INR
Allo - Boss - DAC
ALLO - BOSS - DAC Overview: We all live in a society obsessed by brand names and the latest ga..
Ex Tax: 3,411.00INR
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Allo - Boss Player
Allo - Boss Player Overview: Play all your digital music using this audiophile DAC streamer up..
Ex Tax: 7,454.12INR
Allo - Capacitance Multiplier - Stand Alone
ALLO - CAPACITANCE MULTIPLIER - Stand Alone Overview: A Capacitance Multiplier is designed to ..
Ex Tax: 962.15INR
Allo - Cheapo - S/PDIF Out + Headphone Amplifier
ALLO - CHEAPO - S/PDIF Out + Headphone Amplifier Overview: Add the Cheapo with S/PDIF Shield t..
Ex Tax: 1,110.00INR
Allo - Digione
Allo - Digione Overview: First... What is a “Transporter” Basically you have yo..
Ex Tax: 5,982.94INR
Allo - Digione Player
Allo - Digione Player Overview: This is the DigiOne Player. Includes DigiOne + RPI3 + Acrylic ..
Ex Tax: 11,063.00INR
Allo - Isolator
Allo - Isolator Overview: Full galvanic isolator between SBC/DAC. Unit will work on both maste..
Ex Tax: 3,005.00INR
Allo - Kali - Reclocker
ALLO - KALI - RECLOCKER Overview: Kali The Goddess of Time Every SBC has a crystal that it us..
Ex Tax: 4,178.00INR
Allo - MiniBOSS - DAC FOR RPI Zero
Allo - MiniBOSS - DAC FOR RPI Zero Overview: There are many DACs for RPI Zero. Most of them lo..
Ex Tax: 2,102.82INR
Allo - Piano 2.1 Hi-Fi - DAC
ALLO - PIANO 2.1 HI-FI - DAC Overview: Piano can work as a 2.0 (all frequencies are passe..
Ex Tax: 3,005.18INR
Allo - Piano Hi-Fi - DAC
ALLO - PIANO HI-FI - DAC Overview: Our PIANO Hi-Fi DAC Shield has been designed for those seek..
Ex Tax: 1,832.12INR
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Allo - Sparky SBC - Motherboard
ALLO - SPARKY SBC - Motherboard Overview: Sparky Single Board Computer (SBC) is a credit card-..
Ex Tax: 2,554.00INR
Allo - USBridge
Allo - USBridge Overview: First... What is a “Transporter” Basically you have y..
Ex Tax: 8,807.65INR
miniDSP - 2x4 HD USB DAC + Digital Signal Processor
miniDSP - 2x4 HD USB DAC + Digital Signal Processor Overview: Introducing the long-awaited &ld..
Ex Tax: 17,999.00INR
miniDSP - 2x4 Rev B / 2Vrms Digital Signal Processor with Audio Plug-In Code Overview: The min..
Ex Tax: 8,900.00INR
miniDSP - CDSP 6x8 Digital Signal Processor for Autosound Overview: The miniDSP C-DSP 6x8 is a..
Ex Tax: 27,000.00INR