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Dayton Products

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Hi All

Dayton now on DIY store. If some one has used them pls let me know.

Lets share experience here so that it would be helpful to others who are going for a build


  • Hi 
    I have build a monitor based on the continuum kit by Jeff Bajby.It used Dayton audio RS28A tweeter and arum cantus 5.5 poly midwoofer. Both the RS28(metal and silk dome) are rated as one of the best tweeters around .I was apprehensive about metal dome but after hearing them I am convinced about them.Hope diyaudiocart will also keep some plans for using them as kits.I have also used dayton ND20 tweeter for an overnight sensation MTM and can vouch for Daytin audio products.Enjoy building cheers.

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  • I am currently building a 1000Watts Sub with Dayton Plate amplifier and 12" woofer. Bibin is getting things done. Will update once the project is complete
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  • Hi Gowri,

    Your Sub is almost done. Only pending thing is the final coat of painting. Hope i can complete it this weekend.

  • Bibin can you share some pics here
  • Hi guys,

    In the time-honoured tradition of discussion forums I submit: I'm new to DIY. My knowledge about electronics is in its infancy. I'm also on the wrong side of 40. Maybe it's a little late to start a hobby. But as the saying goes: It's better late than never.

    My question is: I have ordered a Dayton Audio KAB 250 2X50w Class D Audio Amplifier with Bluetooth. This board requires a 12-24vdc power supply at 4A. Can anyone advise me about the suitable transformer to be used for this project. Also should a regulated supply be used. How much capacitance should be used ideally to reduce ripple.

    Regards. PATRICE
  • Hi Joseph
    Nice knowing you new found hobby. Its an all consuming love :)
    This is a good board using tpa3116d2 class d. Good performing amp. You can use 16-0 5A trans with this or buy a 24v 6a smps supply or power adaptors easily available.

    Enjoy the little beast

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