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Budget 5.1 Channel Home Theater Suggestions Please

Hi Guys,

Please share your precious experience with smaller 5.1 amps

My Plans to use the below components
Lumin Bridged TDA2030 Amp - 20watts@8ohm per channel (approx 35W @ 4ohm) (cost around Rs 800)
Transformer 18-0-18 @6amp, 12-0-12 @1amp
5.1 Remote Kit from Imranics or DigitKit.

Speakers already I have from Yamaha (5 channels 40w@4ohm) and a passive sub from Sony (60W@4ohm).

Need your valuable suggestions and alternatives.



  • HI Rajeev
    If you imranics board I have a few with me and can sell you.

    These boards are based on pt2323 and pt2322 combinations. These are very good when you input stereo.
    These works on PLII philosophy. I had one built earlier with 2030 Amps but I was using some imported drives which were QC rejected. They were hardly 20Watts drives and was happy with them.

    The remote kits has LOW output when connected to a 5.1 channel input. Imranics boards comes with OP amps and presets inside to adjust gain

    Gowri Shankar
  • Hi Rajeev,

    For the sub woofer I prefer TDA 7294 amplifier with single IC.i used this amp in my 5.1 amplifiers and the results are pretty good .i am experienced with the remote control board as well with pt2322 and 2323 which is from Princeton technologies China .For the price it's a good.

    "stereo cassette player with LA4440 year 1998;desk top variable PSU;2.1 power amp and speaker system;5.1Power Amp with remote control;integrated stereo amplifier 250WPC @4 ohms;stereo power amp 40WPC Philips circuit; stereo active pre-amplifier with tone control;DIY 3 way FS"
  • hi

    please advise for 5.1 channel remote kit & amp kit with good price ..where to buy or available

  • give me your contacts to discuss or if possible plz call me or msg me on +91 9426801184
  • Hi Rajeev,

    First select Drivers based on output you are looking for.
    thn go for Amp kit. based on your Amp kit you will require Transformer and PSU.
    Go step by step or you will end up with something you dont want.

  • need contact number of gowri shankar please advise..
  • HI
    The 2030 when put on bridged mode with a dainty 8 inch silver cones will the do the job for you. Its quite cheap and you can build them on a dotted pcb with handfull of components.

    Gowri Shankar
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  • Hi Guys i am new to this forum,I am a DIY enthusiast from Kerala and currently living in Bangalore .
    HIi Niraj you can go for TDA 7294 single ic kit and the power supply must be 22-0-22 / 8 Amps.
    Some of my 7294 pics attached in this thread ,
    image image how to take a screen shot

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