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Need help in choosing a crossover and Amplifier for 3 way drivers of two sets

I have a 3 way drivers (Low, Mid and High Range) of two sets taken from my old TV system, The Low and Mid Range is of 15W with 16Ohms Impedance and High Range Tweeter of 15W with 8 Ohms Impedance. I wish I get best out of best output from these speakers. Kindly advise what type of crossover to choose for these drivers whether I have to buy two sets of crossovers for two sets of 3 way drivers or I can combine those sets into one crossover also if I need to control Bass, Treble and Gain within the speakers whether I have to buy an inbuilt amplifier if so what watt output with what RMS do you suggest. I plan to built this myself.

I am an beginner to audio systems and exploring the options for past 3 months.

KIndly Advise. Thanks Prasanna
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