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Transformer replacement for amplifier

I got a PROEL SMART12MA powered speaker that gives some kind of distortion sound at all volumes.
I opened the speaker and connected the amp to another speaker and same sound appears so I have ruled out that the woofer or driver is damaged. I also noticed that the original transformer has been replaced. Instead of the round toroidal transformer somebody have installed 2 smaller linear transformers with the following specs, the first one: 110V-220V 60/50Hz 17-0-17V 2A and the other one 110V-220V 60/50Hz 18-0-18V 2A.
Now I am not sure if this is what causing the distortion sound but if I where to replace it, would a transformer like this one be suitable ? https://diyaudiocart.com/DAC-24-0-24VX1-18-0-18VX1-Toroidal-Transformer-434VA
The thing is that there are 2 secondary wirings needed, the circuit board have 2 sides of it where it needs to be connected, one says HI AC IN and the other one LOW AC IN, How much hi and low is supposed to be I am not sure but I have written to manufacturer and hope they will reply.



  • can you make out roughly how much rms power the amp pumps out? The ac in Hi depends on this. The ac in low may normally be 12-0-12. and look what voltage the smoothing caps are.
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