Megatek - AE216032 - Mono Speaker Protection

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Megatek - AE216032 - Mono Speaker Protection


The speaker protection circuit has two main funtions:

  • To protecct the audio amplifier and the loudspeaker during start-up sequence when the amplifier output might exhibit DC voltage.
  • To protect the loudspeakers in the unlikely event of an amplifier power stage failure, where DC component would damage the speaker voice coil.


  • Output Device C1237 HA
  • Overcurrent Protection   (OCP)  
  • Overload Protection       (OLP)   
  • Short  circuit Protection (SCP)  
  • Low voltage protection   (LVP)
  • Clip protection
  • Can be used for Power AMP upto 500 Watts    
  • Compact size by using surface mount devices(SMD)
  • High grade glass Epoxy 1.6mm PCB. 
  • High quality industrial grade relays.
  • Compact size circuit board.

Technical Specifications:

Channels: 1
ON Time Delay: 4 Seconds
Relay Contact Current:  30A
DC Offset Cut Off: > +/- 1V
Supply voltage: 12V DC
Turn Off Mute Voltage: 12V AC  (12V - 40V AC)
LED Indication: ON Position




Click here to download wiring diagram.


Width : 60mm
Depth : 52mm
Height: 23mm

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