DAC - Overnight Sensations MTM Speaker Kit

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DAC - Overnight Sensations MTM Speaker Kit


Build your own high-end near-field monitors with the highly regarded Overnight Sensations MTM speaker kit designed by Paul Carmody. This kit includes nearly everything to build a MTM speaker, including: a knock-down cabinets, drivers, ports, and crossover components.


Product Description:

The sound quality of the MTM version of the Overnight Sensations is the same as the original TM.  The sound is big, and they sort of pick up where the Tm leaves off.  Where the TM version does its best work in a small room, the MTM version can easily rock the walls in such a room… and might be better suited to a medium-sized room.  They work as desktop speakers and will have a nice, immersive soundstage.  Please be careful with your hearing–and be respectful of those whose desk is near yours.  These things pack a bit of a party.

The idea here is to take the heart of the Overnight Sensations (big sound, small box, cheap price), but increase power handling and efficiency by adding a second woofer. The results should be quite satisfying and surprising to those who choose to build it.

Wiring a second woofer in parallel gives us a few advantages: most importantly, the speaker is 6 dB louder (twice as loud), which also means the speaker will go 6 dB louder than its TM counterpart.


Product Specifications:

Woofer diameter        :  4"

Power handling          :

Impedance                 :

Frequency response  :  45-20,000 Hz (-3 dB)

Sensitivity                   :  83 dB 1W/1m

speaker type               :  Bookshelf

Cabinet Dimensions   :  9" H x 6" W x 8-3/8" D

Input Rating                :  Configuration               

Color                           :  unfinished - Brich Ply




Included Components:

1x Dayton Audio - 0.15mH - 20 AWG Air Core Inductor Crossover Coil

1x DAC - 0.90mh - Air Core Inductor Crossover Coil - 18 AWG

1x Dayton Audio - DNR-10 10 Ohm 10W Precision Audio Grade Resistor

1x Dayton Audio - DNR-1.5 1.5 Ohm 10W Precision Audio Grade Resistor

2x Dayton Audio - DMPC-4.7 4.7uF 250V Polypropylene Capacitor

1x Dayton Audio - DMPC-10 10uF 250V Polypropylene Capacitor

1x Dayton Audio - DMPC-0.22 - 0.22uF - 250V - Polypropylene Capacitor

2x HiVi - B4N - 4" Aluminium Midbass Round Frame

1x Dayton Audio - ND20FA-6 3/4" Neodymium Dome Tweeter 6 Ohm

2x Parts Express Speaker Cabinet Port Tube 1-3/8" ID Adjustable

1x Overnight Sensations DAC Audio Cabinet 

Note: Screws, binding posts, and speaker wire are not included. This set is for Building one Speaker and not a Pair.


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