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Cutting Tools

Cutting Tools
A cutting tool is any tool that is used to remove material from the workpiece by means of shear deformation. Cutting may be accomplished by single-point or multipoint tools.Cutting tools must be made of a material harder than the material which is to be cut, and the tool must be able to withstand the heat generated in the metal-cutting process.
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Multitec - Automatic Wire Stripper with Cutter
Overview: All automatic wire strippers should be this easy to use! With this wire stripper all ..
Ex Tax: 292.00INR
Multitec - Diagonal Nipper
Overview: Diagonal Nipper with with cushioned grips. For cutting copper & Aluminium cond..
Ex Tax: 100.00INR
Multitec - Heavy Duty Diagonal Nipper - 150mm
Multitec - Heavy Duty Diagonal Nipper - 150mm Overview: Stainless Steel heavy duty Diagonal Ni..
Ex Tax: 135.00INR
Stanley 9mm Quick Point Knives 10-150-0 *
Stanley 9mm Quick Point Knives 10-150-0 Features: Impact resistant ABS plastic body Secur..
Ex Tax: 43.70INR
Stanley Mini-Hack Saw 20-807
Stanley Mini-Hack Saw 20-807 Features: Ergonomically designed grip with thumb rest for maxi..
Ex Tax: 143.45INR